Saturday, October 15, 2011

Google+ integrating YouTube

In case you hadn't noticed, Google+ added YouTube integration.

First reaction:
I like the Google+ side much better than the YouTube side. I wanted to share this video of a boater nearly running over some divers at a popular dive site, the "Blue Heron Bridge":

From Google+ I can either search for YouTube videos and share them or insert a link to the YouTube video. In either case, an embedded preview and player show up. Unfortunately I don't get the same behavior in comments.

I wanted to add this video I shot at that very dive site, the "Blue Heron Bridge":

All-in-all, the Google+ side seems to work OK. Although my YouTube videos still don't show up under the "Videos" tab in the Google+ profile page. Maybe there's some processing delay, we'll see.

The YouTube side seems lacking.

In YouTube, I now see more activity on my YouTube page. When I connected my YouTube and Google+ account, I also connected my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Check out this link, "Connect YouTube with Google+".

However, when it comes to pushing content from YouTube to Google+, I can "+1" the video or create a hangout. Have I missed something?

What I really want is to just share the video on Google+. I'm not really surprised that you can't do that. You can't easily share any web pages on Google+ without launching Google+ and sharing it from there. Or, again, have I missed something?

When is Google+ going to make it easier for people to just press a "Share on Google+" button? The whole +1 thing is nice. But, sometimes I really want to just "Share on Google+".

When people are already using YouTube, I don't think they want to have to go to Google+ to share the video they are looking at.

Just my thoughts. Happy to see progress being made integrating YouTube with Google+.


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