Monday, October 17, 2011

Divers Direct Shark Dive in Roatan

Last month a few Divers Direct employees had the pleasure of travelling to Roatan and dove with Anthony's Key Resort. I'm very jealous that I didn't get to go. Here's a video I edited from footage shot by Jason Farr with Ron Spodnik's camera. I work with Jason and Ron at the Key Largo Divers Direct store.

For most of the dive, the sharks hang around, swimming near the divers. Later, the sharks swarm as they finally get into the bucket. Ron can be seen with the red fins taking beautiful shots with his awesome still-photo camera set-up. Jason Farr turns the camera on himself a couple of times. I had a lot of fun editing the footage.

I had the pleasure of doing a Shark Dive with Unexso on Grand Bahama Island a few years ago. Wish I had a GoPro HD Hero back then. if you haven't been on a shark dive, it's an awesome experience. Give's you a different perspective. I added a couple of still photos I took from that dive.

All of the video was recorded with a GoPro HD HERO camera. We sell them at Divers Direct. With a color correcting filter and some other tweaks and tips, they take excellent video and are a lot of fun.

This video was shot with a flat port, but not recorded in 1080p mode. With the HD Hero, when you record in a lower resolution than 1080p, it goes into a wider angle shot (which is what you need the dome port for). This leaves you with some of the camera's bezel in the shot. It looks like this:

In a future post, maybe I'll put up some comments on how to crop the video, etc. I apologize for the black bars in the resulting video. I wanted to give as much of the video frame that was left after cropping out the bezel.

Oh, and I can't give enough shout-outs to the ccmixter folks. The music, Pulse, is from George Ellinas on ccmixter.

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